What is social media, and why is it important to have a social presence? Nowadays’ virtually everyone uses social media, be it to communicate with others or to get the latest news and interesting happenings. Businesses can reach a huge market through a carefully crafted social presence, and that potential can’t be ignored. There’s a widespread misconception that only businesses that produce mass-consumption goods have a place on Social Media, but that’s far from the truth. The secret is knowing your target audience well. Are our clients middle-aged women that spend a lot of time on Facebook? Are they professionals that use Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis? Maybe they are the kind of people that browse hundreds of images on Pinterest every day, or an audience that is always on Instagram.

It’s not necessary to have a presence on all social channels, but rather to critically and strategically decide which are the most adequate for our goals.

When it comes to the content we share, the style and tone also need to be carefully crafted and obey a well thought-out strategy. Content needs to be shared constantly and consistently, and ideally it should be original, produced specifically for the company’s blog. Find out more about this here.

The ideal social network for businesses offering services and goods to professionals may be the often overlooked LinkedIn. It is an under-used and under-appreciated channel that can produce excellent results. LinkedIn Premium lets you easily build lists of prospects and contact them, send personalized messages, and much more, while LinkedIn Groups are an excellent free tool to reach large numbers of people. We’re LinkedIn experts so if your target are professionals we can help you reach them.


We charge a fixed monthly fee to manage our clients’ social media profiles. Before we begin we create a custom strategy and a budget tailored to each client’s needs. If you want a limited-duration user or client acquisition campaign we will produce a single quote based on the campaign’s requirements.

Social Media, especially Facebook, has significant limits in terms of organic or free campaign reach, which is why we always recommend supplementing your organic efforts with monthly ads budget. Find out more about our social media advertising strategies here.

Examples of our Social Media work

Web Design and Development | Mongoose Energy

Mongoose Energy

We manage all of Mongoose Energy’s social channels since September 2015. We generated over 14,000 visits to Mongoose’s website in the first 4 months. 25% of web traffic comes from Social Media.


Your Green Energy SOS

Fund raising campaign. We conceptualized and implemented the “Your Green Energy SOS” campaign for Social Media, contributing to a hugely successful fund raising effort that earned over £4,8 million in under one month.

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We helped Swapsee acquire 13,000 members, with one of our key tools for this being Linkedin groups. This strategy was very successful, with Linkedin becoming Swapsee’s main user acquisition channel.

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We manage Barcelonia’s social media presence since March 2015. We have achieved high engagement on Facebook with a very small advertising budget through the creation of attractive, unique and original content. The client has received dozens of direct product enquiries and potential-client calls directly through Facebook.


Chelwood Community Energy, Orchard Community Energy

Chelwood Community Energy, Orchard Community Energy

Fund raising campaigns. We managed these two community energy organizations’ social media presence during their respective campaigns, with very positive results. We generated a high volume of web traffic and thousands of pounds raised in their share offers can be attributed to investors that discovered the campaigns on social media.

Twitter Orchard / Twitter Chelwood

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