Google Adwords’ Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) make it possible for you to appear among the first search results when users search for certain keywords.

Adwords advertising is very useful for small and medium enterprises because when implemented correctly it can be very cost-effective.

Twitter and Facebook PPC campaigns can also be advantageous, but instead of helping you appear at the top of search results they position your ads on your target audience’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Both Adwords and Twitter and Facebook ads function on a cost per click basis. You make a bid of how much you’re willing to pay for each click, and you only pay for those that you receive. Of course, you can also specify the maximum amount you want to spend.

Our Methodology

The first step is to decide which advertising platform is best suited to your needs, and to determine the budget and the duration of the campaign. We then move on to keyword analysis, or hashtags and users in the case of Twitter, and we refine the characteristics that define the target audience as much as possible. The next is to decide the content of the ads. In the cases of Twitter and Facebook these will have both text and images, so developing powerful visuals is very important. Instagram is an extremely visual network so choosing the right image is key. Twitter is very powerful for certain market segments but it is slightly more complex, while Facebook and Instagram are easier to use. LinkedIn also offers advertising space, however the price per click is expensive when compared with other networks. Whichever the chosen support, at SO&CO we’ll take care of everything for you and we’ll send you detailed reports every week with campaign results and adjustments. That’s one of the most important parts of running effective ad campaigns: constant monitoring and optimisation to boost performance.

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