At SO&CO we believe effective email marketing is vital to building and sustaining a good relationship with your customers or members and increasing satisfaction with service and loyalty. This is especially true in the case of NGO’s and cooperatives. Being an organisation that only sends out newsletters when it needs something is not a good idea, maintaining regular contact with your donors, members, volunteers, or customers is important and email marketing is one of the best tools to achieve it.


We love to design and write newsletters, because they are a tool that allows us to engage with people directly. Email communication shouldn’t be cold and merely functional, it has to have meaning and cater to the recipient’s needs. We try to bring warmth and friendliness to all our communication efforts on behalf of our clients and thanks to that we boast engagement rates above industry averages. As we mentioned in our Blogs section, we believe email and content should be linked, with both driving engagement and interaction for the other. We can offer email marketing services as part of package together with content creation or as an individual service.

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