Businesses want to engage with their audiences. There’s nothing new about this, it’s the essence of PR. One of the pillars that sustains this is the relationship with the media, which can generate publicity – positive news about your business that is free.

In current times, the parameters of this relationship between businesses and the media remain the same, but the environment has changed: it has been digitalised. Building a presence in digital media is at the very least equally important to building one in traditional media. Getting featured in blogs, directories, online magazines, and other online channels doesn’t only help spread the word about your business, it also improves your positioning in Google search rankings.

Our Methodology

At SO&CO we specialise in developing digital public relations strategies with a creative vision that helps us create print-worthy materials, building lists of quality prospects, writing and distributing press releases, and collecting and ordering the results, also known as clipping.

Some of our clients like to work on a campaign by campaign basis, while with others we have sustained, ongoing relationships.

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